all-star superman is canon in the new 52

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Preach, Lord Fanny.


Look! Up in the sky!

It’s been a while since I drew this guy, right? I’m not tricking myself? I miss drawing him, either way.

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You’ll believe a man can fly.


Thor character models!

Did these as I was starting work on the book.  The costumes were designed before I came on board (by the great Esad Ribic, I believe), but here’s my take on them.

so in the gotham tv show, bruce is going to be 10 years old while james gordon and harvey dent are both in their late 30s and the only villains we see at his age will be catwoman and poison ivy while the riddle and penguin are both adults

this show is already so fucked i cannot believe

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thanosisabutt i feel because to me quire has become more of a supporting character to them tbh

i still want evan to have more panel time tho

some people really hate quentin quire but i love him because i too was a Massive Nerd who went to high school and fell into a pointless pseudo punk phase where i thought i was better than everyone but i was really still just a Massive Nerd

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i am pretty much invested in the wicked + the divine because i’m waiting for the adaptation with antonia thomas as laura

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DD > Didio

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