Winter Soldier + bionic arm

"What is up with Giving Tree here?”

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The Hulk.

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visually stunning movies hellboy II: the golden army

man what the fuck happened to hulk comics

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people misreading the issue where wonder woman killed max lord has ruined wonder woman as a character

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why the fuck doesn’t dc have a prominent “even people who don’t read comics know who they are” level black character like marvel has with black panther or luke cage?

like, remember when green lantern came out and everyone looked at ryan reynolds and was like “wait isn’t green lantern black?” because of the role john stewart had in the jl cartoon?

why the fuck hasn’t dc capitalised on that?

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whizbang: the dream of the 40s are alive in frank miller's fedora

the dark knight returns and why frank miller’s portrayal of superman as a government sanctioned bully is an affront to the memories of jerome siegel and joseph shuster: an unwritten essay by whizbang

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